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Offspring of Rylil Starlette, F, SIA w 67, 1982-01-23, GB/GB14 offspring
GC Amberseal ElectoMSIA n1975-09-13GB/GB 239 offspring
 Papegaai Jack FrostMSIA w  No offspring
 Papegaai SatinetteFSIA n  No offspring
 Papegaai Misty HaloFSIA w1983-02-12  No offspring
CH Papegaai Winter ChimesFSIA w 671983-12-12GB/GB 6 offspring
GC Lovinamist TalismanMSIA n1983-12-02GB/GB 46 offspring
 Papegaai Commanchee RunMSIA n  No offspring
 Papegaai Jimmey WhiteMSIA w  No offspring
CH Papegaai Petite MirageFSIA w  No offspring
 Papegaai Saucy KitFSIA w 67GB/GB 13 offspring
CH Silverbreeze CalisayMSIA b1984-07-24GB/GB 38 offspring
 Papegaai Desert OrchidFSIA w  3 offspring
 Papegaai Sparton MissileMSIA a  No offspring
 Talang MianjaMSIA n1981-06-02  21 offspring
 Papegaai AcaciaFSIA w  6 offspring
 Papegaai Forest FlowerFSIA w1987-06-06  No offspring
 Maeprest AntonioMSIA n1979-06-12GB/GB 57 offspring
 Papegaai Society BoyMSIA w  No offspring
GC Papegaai Asa HeartsMSIA w 671986-01-27  4 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.