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Offspring of CH Hackmatack Suzhanna of Thunderpaws, F, MCO ns 23, 1996-01-27, US/US6 offspring
CH Thunderpaws Stone SoldierMMCO n 221997-01-03US/US13 offspring
 Thunderpaws Nickel Bee SilverMMCO ns 221999-10-20US/- 3 offspring
 Thunderpaws Phinneas of MainecoastMMCO as 221999-10-20US/US 1 offspring
 Thunderpaws SusetteFMCO n 231999-10-20US/GB 2 offspring
 Thunderpaws Silverton of CoonmtnMMCO ns 222000-07-20US/US 2 offspring
 Franz Joseph of Thunderpaws [Maine, US]MMCO n 09 22US/US1 offspring
 Thunderpaws SooznFMCO n 09 221997-04-10US/US5 offspring
 Thunderpaws Stone SailorMMCO n 231997-05-07US/US5 offspring
 Thunderpaws Turtle SoupMMCO n 231998-07-19US/SE 49 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.