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Offspring of IC Gomorran's King Kreole, M, NFO n 09 23, 1994-11-14, SE/SE61 offspring
 Tigressan's LimeFNFO gs 091997-07-01SE/SE 20 offspring
 Tigressan's QuakeMNFO ns 231998-07-02SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's QuaniFNFO fs 09 231998-07-02SE/DK 9 offspring
 Tigressan's QuilioMNFO a 09 231998-07-02SE/NO 2 offspring
 Tigressan's QuinlyMNFO a1998-07-02SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's QuintessaFNFO f 091998-07-02SE/NO 4 offspring
EC Tigressan's QuittyFNFO as 09 231998-07-02SE/DE 4 offspring
GIC Tigressan's UleanaFNFO fs1999-03-07SE/SE 23 offspring
 Tigressan's UlsisesMNFO fs1999-03-07SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's UltamoMNFO a 091999-03-07SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's UltonMNFO es 221999-03-07SE/SE 5 offspring
GIC Chacolís UnnivaFNFO ns 09 231993-09-20  9 offspring
 Chacolís PlatimeMNFO n 09 231997-06-30SE/DE 1 offspring
 Chacolís PorennFNFO n 091997-06-30SE/SE 2 offspring
CH Gomorran's Jerica, DMFNFO n 09 231994-03-10SE/SE48 offspring
 Tigressan's ElinaFNFO ns 091996-03-11SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's ElizaFNFO n 091996-03-11SE/SE28 offspring
EC Tigressan's ElliotMNFO n 09 231996-03-11SE/NO18 offspring
 Tigressan's ElvisMNFO n 09 231996-03-11SE/SE 2 offspring
 Tigressan's EmilinaFNFO ns 091996-03-11SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's EmmiFNFO as 09 231996-03-11SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's I LoveFNFO n 09 231997-02-16SE/FR 5 offspring
 Tigressan's IronmanMNFO n 09 231997-02-16SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's IvanhoeMNFO n 09 221997-02-16SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's IzaakMNFO n 09 231997-02-16SE/- No offspring
EC Tigressan's NaidaFNFO n 09 231998-03-08SE/ES No offspring
 Tigressan's NestorMNFO n 091998-03-08SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's NevenaFNFO n 09 231998-03-08SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's NicanoMNFO a 091998-03-08SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's NicoleFNFO a 09 231998-03-08SE/- 10 offspring
 Tigressan's NoemiFNFO n 231998-03-08SE/SE 9 offspring
IC Tigressan's NoghiMNFO n 231998-03-08SE/IT 3 offspring
 Tigressan's PanitaFNFO n 231998-07-02SE/- No offspring
EC Tigressan's PanteraFNFO n1998-07-02SE/SE 11 offspring
 Tigressan's PearlisFNFO a 09 231998-07-02SE/NO11 offspring
GIC Tigressan's PeoMNFO a 09 231998-07-02SE/DE8 offspring
 Tigressan's PepitaFNFO n 09 231998-07-02SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's PerlaFNFO a 091998-07-02SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's PontusMNFO n 09 221998-07-02SE/SE 16 offspring
GIC Tigressan's PrimusMNFO n 091998-07-02SE/NL 2 offspring
 Belgarion's IslenaFNFO n 09 231997-10-11SE/SE 8 offspring
IC Pax' Allis BlaahFNFO a 09 231998-12-08SE/SE 11 offspring
 Pax' Cookie BownFNFO n 09 231998-12-08SE/SE No offspring
 Pax' Piping ThomasMNFO n 091998-12-08SE/- No offspring
CH Pax' Sir Adrian DotMNFO n 09 231998-12-08SE/SE 4 offspring
 Tigressan's BambieFNFO f 091995-07-30SE/SE 9 offspring
 Tigressan's HoneyFNFO n 091996-09-10SE/SE 12 offspring
 Tigressan's JackoMNFO n 091997-02-17SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's JaguarMNFO n 09 231997-02-17SE/- No offspring
PR GIC Tigressan's MacaijMNFO e 09 231998-03-04SE/DK 46 offspring
 Tigressan's MacarenaFNFO g 09 231998-03-04SE/SE No offspring
 Enebackens Cassiopeia, DMFNFO f1997-01-18SE/SE 17 offspring
 Kiss-Curl's AdinaFNFO f 091998-07-30SE/SE 8 offspring
EP Kiss-Curl's AntonMNFO d 221998-07-30SE/SE No offspring
 Kiss-Curl's AronMNFO d 231998-07-30SE/SE 4 offspring
 Tigressan's ChantalFNFO n 231995-08-25SE/SE 9 offspring
 Tigressan's KatinkaFNFO n 09 231997-06-10SE/FR5 offspring
EC Tigressan's KayotMNFO n 09 231997-06-10SE/ES 19 offspring
 Tigressan's KyotoMNFO n 09 231997-06-10SE/DE 5 offspring
 Långängens PandoraFNFO f 091994-07-23SE/SE8 offspring
 Tigressan's FabianMNFO d 09 241996-04-06SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's FigaroMNFO n 091996-04-06SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's FindusMNFO n1996-04-06SE/- No offspring
 Pan's ToiniFNFO n 091988-11-04NO/SE 14 offspring
 IsabellaFNFO n 091996-06-15SE/SE No offspring
 IsadoraFNFO n 221996-06-15SE/SE No offspring
 LineaFNFO n1996-06-15SE/SE 4 offspring
 ScottMNFO n1996-06-15SE/SE No offspring
 SimonMNFO n 221996-06-15SE/SE No offspring
 SingoallaFNFO n 09 221996-06-15SE/SE 6 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.