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Offspring of Chatandolls Rudolph, M, RAG a 03, 2006-06-14, CA/-10 offspring
 Darlinlildols BeetleFRAG n 042001-10-10CA/- 6 offspring
 Darlinlildols Christian DiorFRAG a 032004-11-05CA/- 2 offspring
 Darlinlildols MercedesFRAG a 032004-11-05CA/SE 10 offspring
 Darlinlildols MirageFRAG a 04 212001-04-30CA/- 2 offspring
 Darlinlildols Lily RoseFRAG a 04 212004-12-10CA/SE 16 offspring
 Darlinlildols April ShowersFRAG n 042003-06-03CA/- 5 offspring
 Darlinlildols May FlowersFRAG n 042004-07-05CA/CA 5 offspring
 Darlinlildols Sweetest Lil PeaFRAG a 032005-03-01CA/CA 19 offspring
 Darlinlildols CricketFRAG n 042001-10-20CA/- 1 offspring
 Darlinlildols Lucy LiuFRAG n 032004-11-25CA/- 1 offspring
 Darlinlildols Lady BeatriceFRAG n 032003-03-28CA/CA 8 offspring
CH Darlinlildols Jada of LottaragsFRAG n 032005-02-23CA/-3 offspring
 Darlinlildols Jonny CakesMRAG a 032005-02-23CA/- 1 offspring
 Chatandolls Tallia of DarlinlildolsFRAG n 032003-04-19CA/- 2 offspring
 Darlinlildols SquigyFRAG a 032005-06-01CA/- 2 offspring
 Darlinlildols VeneetiaFRAG a 042001-04-05CA/- 5 offspring
 Darlinlildols Elizabeth ArdenFRAG a 032004-10-07CA/- 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.