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Offspring of EC Løve Hulen's Lucifer, M, MCO n, 1993-07-12, DK/DK16 offspring
 Cozy Farm Magnificent Polly PFMCO d 221991-12-14DK/DK 13 offspring
CH Løve Hulen's High-LightFMCO f 221995-08-09DK/DE3 offspring
 Løve Hulen's Hot-LightMMCO d 221995-08-09DK/- No offspring
 Løve Hulen's Flower PowerFMCO f 221996-07-15DK/DK 5 offspring
 Løve Hulen's HippieFMCO f1996-07-15DK/DK 5 offspring
 Løve Hulen's ProvoMMCO d 221996-07-15DK/DK 1 offspring
GIC Løve Hulen's SorceressFMCO f 09 221993-02-14DK/SE10 offspring
IC Mantas MarquetteFMCO f1995-08-01SE/SE 3 offspring
IC Mantas MaseratiMMCO d 221995-08-01SE/SE 27 offspring
 Mantas MercuruMMCO d 09 221995-08-01SE/- 2 offspring
 Mantas MinervaFMCO a 09 211995-08-01SE/- 1 offspring
 Løve Hulen's Cat WomanFMCO f 221997-04-17DK/DK7 offspring
 Løve Hulen's RedboneMMCO e 221998-08-01DK/-2 offspring
 Løve Hulen's Molly MalouFMCO f 09 221993-08-16DK/DK1 offspring
 Løve Hulen's Red ButlerMMCO d 09 221994-11-07DK/DK 1 offspring
CH Advent Hill Kit KatFMCO n 09 231992-05-13US/SE 13 offspring
 Løve Hulen's BoomerMMCO n 231994-11-03DK/- 1 offspring
 Løve Hulen's HollyFMCO n 09 221994-11-03DK/DK 3 offspring
GIC Løve Hulen's MiraculixMMCO n 09 221994-11-03DK/- 1 offspring
 Mega OklahomaFMCO ns 221993-07-05DK/DK1 offspring
 Løve Hulen's Black WitcheryFMCO n1995-02-19DK/- 3 offspring
 Prima AquaFMCO ns 23  1 offspring
 Mega Bossa NovaFMCO ns 221995-11-11DK/- No offspring

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