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Offspring of CH Just Catnap's Bast, DM, F, NFO n 09 24, 1999-11-09, SE/SE13 offspring
GIP EC Rockringen's Led Zeppelin, DMMNFO ds 09 221999-07-10SE/SE 53 offspring
GIC Just Catnap's GantMNFO n 09 222001-11-10SE/SE13 offspring
GIP Just Catnap's GilsonMNFO ns 09 222001-11-10SE/SE 3 offspring
 Just Catnap's GordonMNFO ns 03 242001-11-10SE/SE No offspring
 Just Catnap's QastelloMNFO ns 242003-09-28SE/- No offspring
IC Just Catnap's Qerenza, DMFNFO f 09 242003-09-28SE/SE16 offspring
 Just Catnap's Qi MosiFNFO fs 09 222003-09-28SE/- No offspring
PR EC Barkli's DonJuanMNFO n 09 242003-01-18SE/SE 10 offspring
 Just Catnap's WatsonMNFO n 242004-09-16SE/SE No offspring
 Just Catnap's WesleyMNFO n 242004-09-16SE/SE No offspring
GIP EC Just Catnap's Wiktor, DVMMNFO n 092004-09-16SE/SE16 offspring
IC Just Catnap's WiktoriaFNFO n 09 242004-09-16SE/SE 2 offspring
 Just Catnap's HagbardMNFO d 092001-11-13SE/SE 3 offspring
 Just Catnap's LakritzFNFO f 092002-11-02SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's Lejonell af BastMNFO n 092002-11-02SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's Liza JaneFNFO f 09 242002-11-02SE/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.