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Offspring of GIC Incognito of Koi Pond, M, MCO n 22, 7/16/05, DE/SE25 offspring
 Bonnea's ArwenFMCO n 229/25/04SE/SE4 offspring
 Coppermines Nasty GirlFMCO n 225/22/07SE/SE2 offspring
 Coppermines Party GirlFMCO n 225/22/07SE/SE2 offspring
 Coppermines Show GirlFMCO n 225/22/07SE/SE3 offspring
 Coppermines MimsanFMCO n 225/17/08SE/SE No offspring
 Coppermines Hotlips BluesFMCO g 233/14/06SE/SE 6 offspring
 Coppermines Hanky Panky BluesFMCO g 224/2/07SE/SENo offspring
 Coppermines True Blue BluesFMCO a 224/2/07SE/NO 1 offspring
 Coppermines Ziggy StardustMMCO a 2212/1/07SE/SE10 offspring
 Coppermines StrongerMMCO d 238/28/08SE/NO 7 offspring
IC Dreamway's CharlotteFMCO n 2211/1/03SE/SE 13 offspring
 Coppermines SamurajMMCO a 221/4/08SE/-No offspring
 Coppermines SashimiFMCO n 221/4/08SE/NO 1 offspring
 Coppermines SushiFMCO n 221/4/08SE/SE7 offspring
 Coppermines HotchkissMMCO n 2211/3/08SE/SE2 offspring
 Coppermines J.JFMCO n 2211/3/08SE/SE No offspring
 Maine Misty av PersicumFMCO n 246/19/08NO/SE6 offspring
 Coppermines Paz ParadisaFMCO n 222/15/09SE/SE5 offspring
 Coppermines Picabo ParrisFMCO n 232/15/09SE/-2 offspring
 Coppermines Pilar PerfectaFMCO n 222/15/09SE/SENo offspring
 Ma Coo's Zig ZagFMCO n 03 2210/25/09SE/SE8 offspring
NW, JW Coppermines ZeusMMCO n 2212/7/10SE/RU16 offspring
 Coppermines Raise RamonaFMCO a6/30/09SE/SE2 offspring
 Coppermines YukonMMCO n 227/25/10SE/RU 2 offspring
CH Dreamway's FaithFMCO g 2210/26/05SE/SE 1 offspring
 Dreamway's JezebelFMCO g 226/8/07SE/SE 1 offspring
 Catfellow PandoraFMCO ns2/11/09NO/SE1 offspring
 Coppermines WolfMMCO ns 226/21/10SE/SE5 offspring
 Coppermines BeataFMCO f 234/1/11SE/SE 7 offspring
 Coppermines Lion KingMMCO d 222/22/13SE/SENo offspring
 Coppermines Love GirlFMCO f 232/22/13SE/SE 5 offspring
 Coppermines Lover BoyMMCO d 232/22/13SE/-No offspring
CH Coppermines TacomaFMCO n2/14/10SE/SE7 offspring
 Coppermines KellyFMCO n 2312/4/12SE/IT 3 offspring
 Coppermines KissyFMCO n 2312/4/12SE/SE 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.