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Offspring of PR GIC Restless Oracle, DM, F, NFO fs 22, 2000-03-20, SE/SE11 offspring
EC Killix Enigma, DMMNFO a 232000-08-26DK/SE48 offspring
 Restless Cara├»beMNFO n 232001-10-29SE/SENo offspring
GIC Restless ManjariFNFO n 232001-10-29SE/SE 6 offspring
IC Zarkesha's Beautiful SurpriseFNFO ns 232002-11-26SE/SE 8 offspring
GIP Zarkesha's BebopalulaFNFO n 232002-11-26SE/-No offspring
IC Zarkesha's Big BopperMNFO n 232002-11-26SE/SE17 offspring
GIP IC Zarkesha's Boogie ManMNFO ns 232002-11-26SE/- No offspring
IC Zarkesha's Bossanova BabyFNFO n2002-11-26SE/SE 3 offspring
IP Myselisia's CocktailMNFO ns 09 242003-06-02SE/SE8 offspring
GIP Zarkesha's Eardrum BuzzMNFO d 232004-10-30SE/-No offspring
 Zarkesha's Ebony DelightFNFO n2004-10-30SE/- No offspring
 Zarkesha's Embrace Me BeautyFNFO ns 232004-10-30SE/- No offspring
 Zarkesha's Everlasting LoveFNFO fs 232004-10-30SE/-No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.