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Offspring of Starkad's Nefertari, F, NFO as 09 22, 2005-08-21, DK/CH4 offspring
 Fram's Majesty In WhiteMNFO w2004-09-12CH/-5 offspring
SC Fram's P. Teddy Bear, DVMMNFO w 632007-07-05CH/NL8 offspring
 Fram's PeekabooFNFO a 09 232007-07-05CH/CH No offspring
 Fram's Pure SteelMNFO a 09 242007-07-05 No offspring
 Fram's H. Don PedroMNFO d 09 232000-08-16 7 offspring
 Fram's Rambeau le BeauMNFO n 03 232008-07-08CH/CH 3 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.