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Offspring of CFA CH Fan-T-Cee Toni, F, CRX a4 offspring
 Daz-Zling Splendor of Fan-T-CeeMCRX aUS/US 4 offspring
DBGC Fan-T-Cee Antoinette of KentwoodFCRX aUS/US 3 offspring
 Fan-T-Cee Domina of DalaiFCRX n 09  3 offspring
CFA GC Fan-T-Cee Fangio of RodellMCRX aUS/US 6 offspring
 Daz-Zling RoyalistMCRX a 331960-12-16  3 offspring
CFA GC Fan-T-Cee Kelli of Rio VistaMCRX a  2 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.