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Offspring of EC EP Løve Hulen's Valentine, M, MCO a 09 22, 1989-12-05, DK/DK15 offspring
IC Cozy Farm Magnolia PFMCO f1991-12-14DK/DK 6 offspring
 Sanboé Alcetis (P)FMCO f 09 221993-12-15DK/DK 1 offspring
GIC Sanboé HefaestosMMCO d 09 221993-12-15DK/- No offspring
 Sanboé Medea (P)FMCO f 09 221993-12-15DK/- No offspring
 Sanboé Nemesis (P)FMCO n 09 221995-05-21DK/DK 2 offspring
 Aura von AdlerFMCO n 231990-05-03DK/DK 1 offspring
 Bach von AdlerMMCO n 09 221991-11-01DK/DK 1 offspring
 Løve Hulen's NickolineFMCO ns 09 231988-01-28DK/DK8 offspring
PR Mega GawkyMMCO ns 211991-07-11DK/- No offspring
 Mega GinaFMCO ns 09 221991-07-11DK/DK 2 offspring
 Mega GolddiggerFMCO n 09 221991-07-11DK/DK 1 offspring
EC MtKittery UnityFMCO fs 221989-02-25US/DK13 offspring
 Cozy Farm RebecaFMCO as 09 221992-10-28DK/DK 2 offspring
GIC Cozy Farm Red RibbonFMCO fs 09 221992-10-28DK/DK 2 offspring
CH Cozy Farm Ride The Wild WindMMCO e 09 221992-10-28DK/DK18 offspring
 Terrificats Americoon MaidFMCO n 09 221989-01-09US/DK3 offspring
 Cozy Farm RoxyFMCO n 09 221992-10-28DK/- 1 offspring
 Hevengift His Eternal LoveFMCO fs 221987-05-30US/DK7 offspring
 Tappernøje EddieMMCO ns 09 221992-03-26DK/- No offspring
IC Tappernøje SonnyMMCO n 211992-03-26DK/DK 1 offspring
 Guldfakse ChinaFMCO ns 09 221988-08-13DK/DK 3 offspring
IP Rimfakse BrandyMMCO n 09 221991-10-22DK/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.