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Offspring of Broughton Mrs Simpkins, F, CRX/BRI e 09, GB/GB6 offspring
 Pa SnipMCRX/BRI d 09 241959-06-29GB/GB 4 offspring
 Broughton Petite BeurreFXSH e 09GB/GB 4 offspring
 Broughton Purly QueenFXSH e 09  2 offspring
 Du-Bu AndyMXSH n 091959-05-10  3 offspring
 Broughton Coriander of ChestermereFCRX g 09 2 offspring
 Broughton PeppercornMCRX eGB/GB3 offspring
 Broughton TomatoMCRX d  1 offspring
CH Aldra's Dark TalismanMBRI n1960-10-09  1 offspring
CH Cathiss Torti QueenFCRX/BRI f  4 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.