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Offspring of GEC Rover Allison of Mountain Meadow, M, MCO e 09 22, 1994-05-27, DE/DE10 offspring
CH Capecoon Chelsea of Mountain MeadowFMCO n 221996-04-21US/DE 6 offspring
 Chandler of Mountain MeadowMMCO n 09 221997-03-06DE/- No offspring
GEC Crusader of Mountain MeadowMMCO n 09 221997-03-06DE/DE 4 offspring
EC Everybody's Darling of Mountain MeadowFMCO f 09 221998-03-02DE/DE 4 offspring
 Hazel Kiara of Mountain MeadowFMCO f 221999-03-19DE/DE 3 offspring
CH Holly of Mountain MeadowFMCO f 09 221999-05-19DE/DE 2 offspring
CH Mountain Meadow MoonlightFMCO f 09 222000-02-14DE/DE 2 offspring
GEC Mainz Coon Pebbles of Mountain MeadowFMCO fs1996-06-03DE/DE 4 offspring
 Donna of Mountain MeadowFMCO ds 221997-07-18DE/- No offspring
IC Ghostdancer Sarah EdmondsFMCO fs 09 221999-05-03DE/DE 1 offspring
 Mountain Meadow No Limits To NinifeeFMCO g 09 222000-05-18DE/DE 2 offspring
GIC Honeycoon Pocahontas of GhostdancerFMCO fs 091994-01-05US/DE 6 offspring
 Ghostdancer BaileyFMCO es 222001-03-11DE/DE 1 offspring
CH Mt.Machias ShenziFMCO n 221997-04-16DE/DE 1 offspring
 Mountain Meadow Rock Me Mr. MurphyMMCO n2001-01-11DE/DE 9 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.