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Offspring of EC Hevengift Lord Alleuluia, M, MCO n 09 23, 1987-06-21, US/DK62 offspring
 Arleen Haley CoonFMCO ns 11DK/DK 2 offspring
 Schimmel NatasjaFMCO n 231988-06-28DK/DK 1 offspring
 Wimmer HarrietFMCO ns 221994-05-22DK/DK4 offspring
GIC Løve Hulen's BonanzaMMCO n 09 231995-10-16DK/- 3 offspring
 Løve Hulen's MadelineFMCO ns 231995-10-16DK/DK 1 offspring
 Løve Hulen's MaisyFMCO ns 09 1995-10-16DK/DK No offspring
 Løve Hulen's Pin-Up-ScottMMCO a 09 231995-10-16DK/- No offspring
EC Hevengift Faith In His WordFMCO fs 221987-06-21US/DK19 offspring
IC Løve Hulen's QueenFMCO ns 09 221988-11-10DK/DK2 offspring
GIC Løve Hulen's QuilleMMCO n 09 221988-11-10DK/DE 27 offspring
IC Løve Hulen's QuincyMMCO ns 091988-11-10DK/DE 15 offspring
 Løve Hulen's TammyFMCO n 09 231989-08-01DK/DK 2 offspring
 Løve Hulen's TiffanyFMCO ns 09 221989-08-01DK/FI 3 offspring
 Løve Hulen's TigerMMCO1989-08-01DK/DK No offspring
 Løve Hulen's TornadoMMCO ds1989-08-01DK/DK 6 offspring
GEC Antigua vom EngelsmeerFMCO gs 221992-07-21DE/DE4 offspring
EC Camillo vom EngelsmeerMMCO es 09 231994-08-12DE/DE 1 offspring
GIC Caruso vom EngelsmeerMMCO e 221994-08-12DE/DE15 offspring
CH Charisma vom EngelsmeerFMCO f 221994-08-12DE/DE 1 offspring
 Kiskata ColumbineFMCO fs 09 231991-05-28US/DK 5 offspring
 Løve Hulen's Foxy LadyFMCO ns 09 231992-07-06DK/DK No offspring
 Løve Hulen's Mikkel In RedMMCO d 09 221992-07-06DK/- No offspring
 Løve Hulen's Tiger BabyFMCO f 09 231992-07-08DK/DK 2 offspring
 Shaggycoat BellaFMCO d 09 221985-11-17DE/DK8 offspring
IC Løve Hulen's MurphyMMCO e 09 22DK/DK 2 offspring
 Løve Hulen's OmaliMCODK/- No offspring
IC Løve Hulen's MonradMMCO d 221987-12-20DK/DK 7 offspring
CH Løve Hulen's OlineFMCO f 231988-04-20DK/DK 1 offspring
 Løve Hulen's OpheliaFMCO f 09 1988-04-20DK/DK No offspring
EC Marala MystiqueFMCO ns1984-09-24US/DK12 offspring
 Løve Hulen's JucianaFMCO ns 09 23DK/GB9 offspring
CH Løve Hulen's JanusMMCO ns 091987-07-21DK/DK10 offspring
 Løve Hulen's Jo-Jo My JoyFMCO ns 091987-07-21DK/DK 7 offspring
 Hevengift His Neverending CharityFMCO fy 11US/DK9 offspring
 Tertzo BastianMMCO n 21DK/- No offspring
 Tertzo BalanchinaFMCO n 221988-12-14DK/DK 4 offspring
GIC Tertzo BanditMMCO n 09 221988-12-14DK/DK 4 offspring
IC Tertzo Beautiful FlossyFMCO f 221988-12-14DK/DK 3 offspring
EC Løve Hulen's SnowwhiteFMCO w 611989-06-23DK/DK10 offspring
 Løve Hulen's BlizzardMMCO w1991-02-06DK/- No offspring
 Løve Hulen's Blue Berry WhiteMMCO a 09 1991-02-06DK/- No offspring
 Ravnager AfroditteFMCO gs 09 231988-12-22DK/DK 3 offspring
 Coon GolddustFMCO n 09 231990-04-03DK/DK 6 offspring
 Coon SundanceMMCO es1990-04-03DK/- No offspring
 Løve Hulen's DesignerFMCO n 221995-11-03DK/DK7 offspring
 Løve Hulen's ChesterMMCO n 231997-07-13DK/DK7 offspring
 Løve Hulen's HavanaFMCO n 221997-07-13DK/DK 3 offspring
 Løve Hulen's MiamiFMCO n 09 231997-07-13DK/DK 2 offspring
CH Woodpecker AngieFMCO gDE/DE 7 offspring
CH Woodpecker JuliaFMCO a 21DE/DE 5 offspring
GIC Woodpecker Black JackMMCO n1989-03-12DE/DE 3 offspring
 Løve Hulen's FlorenceFMCO ns 22DK/-10 offspring
 Kaiulani FrederikMMCO nsGB/GB 4 offspring
EP Løve Hulen's NapoleonMMCO ns 09 231988-01-28DK/-No offspring
 Løve Hulen's NickolineFMCO ns 09 231988-01-28DK/DK8 offspring
 Løve Hulen's PilatusMMCO ns 231988-08-27DK/- No offspring
IC Løve Hulen's PrincessFMCO ns 091988-08-27DK/DK5 offspring
 Løve Hulen's PrysilleFMCO ns 231988-08-27DK/-No offspring
 Kaiulani Allagash GunnrharMMCO ns 09 231989-06-16GB/GB 7 offspring
 Kaiulani Lille HavfrueFMCO ns 231989-06-16GB/GB2 offspring
EC Hevengift TyphanyFMCO g 221986-01-16US/DK14 offspring
CH Løve Hulen's WhondaFMCO a 23DK/DE3 offspring
 Terrificats Americoon MaidFMCO n 09 221989-01-09US/DK3 offspring
EC EP Løve Hulen's ValentineMMCO a 09 221989-12-05DK/DK15 offspring
 Løve Hulen's VenusFMCO n 09 221989-12-05DK/DK3 offspring
 Løve Hulen's MystiqueFMCO ns1991-07-20DK/DK14 offspring
 Løve Hulen's BeautyFMCO n1994-06-19DK/- No offspring
EC Løve Hulen's BellamisMMCO ns1994-06-19DK/NL25 offspring
 Løve Hulen's Mon AmigoMMCO n 091994-06-19DK/- No offspring
 Løve Hulen's My BonnieFMCO n 09 221994-06-19DK/- No offspring
IC Løve Hulen's HubbieFMCO f 22DK/DK 2 offspring
 Bamsebo's La BambaFMCO n 09 231988-11-26DK/DK 2 offspring
 Woodpecker InesFMCO d 09 221989-01-04DE/DK 2 offspring
 Løve Hulen's Yankee DollFMCO f 09 1990-03-29DK/DK 1 offspring
GIC Løve Hulen's SunshineFMCO f 09 211990-12-08DK/IT 12 offspring
 Cozy Farm JoyceFMCO as 231991-08-10DK/DK 2 offspring
 Løve Hulen's Money PennyFMCO a 09 221993-07-17DK/DK 1 offspring
 Løve Hulen's Tobak For En SkillingMMCO ns 231993-07-17DK/- No offspring
 Favoritten CeciliaFMCO gDK/DK 1 offspring
 Narnia BelisaraFMCO n 231988-07-04DK/DK 2 offspring
CH Hevengift Super NutFMCO n 231987-11-30US/DK5 offspring
 Løve Hulen's UniqueFMCO n 09 231989-11-30DK/DK No offspring
 Claddaghcoon ChesapeakeFMCO n 231995-09-11US/DK2 offspring
 Løve Hulen's GangsterMMCO n 09 221997-06-06DK/DK9 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.