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Offspring of Rio Vista Kismet, M, CRX a, 1965-02-06, US/GB53 offspring
 Watermill Sugar PlumFCRX/BRI d 09  3 offspring
 Red RoyaleMCRX d  2 offspring
 Watermill Krispi NoodleFCRX g  No offspring
 Krispi NoodleFCRX g1966-03-26  12 offspring
 Annelida Curly CoonFCRX n1963-07-07GB/GB 12 offspring
CH Annelida Black TulipFCRX nGB/GB 4 offspring
 Annelida EnchantressFCRX nGB/GB 2 offspring
 Annelida Jet AuraFCRX nGB/GB 1 offspring
 Annelida LoriFCRX aGB/DK 2 offspring
 Annelida WoodbineFCRX nGB/NO 4 offspring
IC Annelida EndoraFCRX n [rr Rere]1966-04-16GB/SE 23 offspring
 Annelida GeorginaFCRX1966-10-01GB/GB No offspring
 Annelida Black WizardMCRX1967-05-03GB/GB No offspring
 Annelida Silver PhantomMCRX1967-05-03GB/GB No offspring
 Krispi NoodleFCRX g1966-03-26  12 offspring
 Watermill Blue RippleMCRXGB/NL 1 offspring
 Watermill ButterpatMCRX e  2 offspring
DBGC Watermill KandlewickMCRX e  9 offspring
 Watermill KrispinaFCRX1967-02-15  No offspring
 Watermill HoneycombeMCRX e1968-02-22  3 offspring
 Watermill SweetcornMCRX1968-02-22  No offspring
 Belhaven ZarakhatFXSH nGB/GB 4 offspring
IC Annelida Black FantasyMCRX nGB/NL 7 offspring
CFA CH Annelida SonnetFCRX ns1968-03-01GB/US 8 offspring
 Belhaven SapphireFCRX1966-05-06GB/GB 2 offspring
 Mickleton Cornish WaferMCRX1967-04-02  No offspring
 Mickleton SailorMCRX1967-04-02  No offspring
 Briarry TinkabelleFXSH *GB/GB 2 offspring
 Mallorca TommyMCRX e1967-09-05GB/FI 10 offspring
 Mallorca BerthaFCRX a1968-05-18GB/SE 21 offspring
 Donnymeaux RoyetteFCRX d1965-04-17  8 offspring
 Lohteyn DamsonFCRX  1 offspring
CH Lohteyn Sweet CharityFCRX  2 offspring
CH Lohteyn Golden PeachMCRX e1966-05-04GB/GB 9 offspring
 Watermill Kandy FlossFCRX/BRI w 61  4 offspring
 Annelida AndroclesMCRX wGB/US 4 offspring
 Annelida CandytuftFCRX1968-09-14GB/GB No offspring
 Annelida Sparkling SnowMCRX1968-09-14GB/GB No offspring
 Annelida Anna MayFCRX f1966-03-03GB/GB 5 offspring
 Annelida Copper SoldierMCRX dGB/GB 1 offspring
 Annelida AchillesMCRX n1968-04-14GB/SE 25 offspring
 Annelida Easter SurpriseFCRX1968-04-14GB/SE No offspring
FIFe CH Annelida Golden DucatMCRX d1968-04-14GB/SE 37 offspring
CH Annelida LuciaFCRX n1968-04-14GB/GB 14 offspring
 Cathiss Plain PollyF  2 offspring
CH Noend CrinkleFCRX1966-07-16  No offspring
CH Noend KrinkleFCRX1966-07-16  No offspring
CH Annelida MartiniFCRX f1966-08-09GB/GB 2 offspring
 Marina AmparoFCRX gGB/DE 1 offspring
CH Marina AricoMCRX a  4 offspring
 Senty-Twix CrispinaFCRX f 09  8 offspring
 Annelida Blue PoppyFCRX aGB/GB 3 offspring
 Annelida Cream DelightMCRX1966-08-09GB/GB No offspring
CH Annelida MartiniFCRX f1966-08-09GB/GB 2 offspring
 Briarry Sweetie TartFXSH d  4 offspring
 Oakhill Miss TrafalgarFCRX fGB/GB 1 offspring
 Oakhill Tartie Girl of Anglo-TexFCRX fGB/US 8 offspring
 Oakhill Victoria PlumFCRX g 09  3 offspring
 Oakhill Albert ApricotMCRX e1967-04-29GB/GB 9 offspring
 Belhaven SparklerFCRX gGB/GB 4 offspring
 Belhaven SapphireFCRX1966-05-06GB/GB 2 offspring
 Dinador Aunt ScofalotFCRX g 09  1 offspring
 Lohteyn CustardMCRX e  3 offspring
 Lohteyn DamsonFCRX  1 offspring
 Lohteyn ApfelstrudelMCRX e1967-05-06  4 offspring
 Heartsease SeraphinaFBRI w 61  2 offspring
 Watermill Kandy FlossFCRX/BRI w 61  4 offspring
 Watermill SambolinaFCRX/BRI n  1 offspring
 Belhaven Golden FountainFCRX d 22GB/GB 1 offspring
 Cathiss TroglodyteFCRX1966-08-12  No offspring
CH Annelida Fille MalgardeeFCRX fGB/GB 3 offspring
 Annelida EvitaFCRX e 331977-07-13GB/GB 6 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.