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Offspring of SGC GC MtKittery Penobscot, OS, M, MCO a 22, 1986-03-05, US/US50 offspring
CH TheCatHut Kennebec of MtKitteryFMCO n 09 221991-03-04US/DK 6 offspring
CH MtKittery BlaineFMCOUS/- 1 offspring
 MtKittery Hollis of CrosbyFMCO n 09 22US/- 3 offspring
 Pawcatuck French AcadiaFMCO g 221986-04-21US/US 2 offspring
CH Pawcatuck Blue MachiasMMCO a 221989-04-05US/US 2 offspring
CH Pawcatuck Grey MachiasMMCO a 221989-04-05US/US 1 offspring
GC MtKittery DresdenFMCO fs 221988-06-02US/US 12 offspring
IC MtKittery Mad MaxMMCO e 22US/AT 3 offspring
EC MtKittery UnityFMCO fs 221989-02-25US/DK13 offspring
 MtKittery BlaineFMCO fs 221990-02-25US/DK 2 offspring
SGC GC MtKittery Eliot of NavkatzMMCO d 221990-02-25US/US 11 offspring
EC MtKittery CooperMMCO es 221991-02-21US/DK 27 offspring
 MtKittery KeeganMMCO e 221991-02-21US/NL 1 offspring
 MtKittery Crystal of MahoosucFMCO g 211991-10-25US/- No offspring
CH MtKittery Gilead of CitypawsMMCO a 221991-10-25US/DE 11 offspring
CH Tuffruff Saratoga of NavkatzFMCO f1984-06-10US/US7 offspring
 Navkatz Red OktoberFMCO f 211990-09-05US/- No offspring
GC GP Navkatz Red Storm RisingMMCO d 231990-09-05US/- No offspring
 Navkatz SeawitchFMCO1990-09-05US/- No offspring
SGC Beauport Colby of MtKitteryFMCO n 231990-11-03US/US 15 offspring
 MtKittery Pani Busha of IllyaFMCO n 21US/- 2 offspring
 MtKittery Blair of Advent HillFMCO n 221993-04-27US/- 6 offspring
CH MtKittery Bowdoin of CoonpulsiveMMCO n 221993-04-27US/US 15 offspring
QGC MtKittery Skowhegan of TabbyskinsMMCO n 231993-04-27US/US8 offspring
 Charlemaine Molly P.FMCO f 23 941989-02-04US/- 7 offspring
 MtKittery Socko PMMCO d 23 941990-04-16US/DK24 offspring
CH Willowplace Goddess of MainlysilverFMCO n 231990-12-26US/US 10 offspring
 Mainlysilver Loring of MtKitteryFMCO n 211994-08-05US/- No offspring
 Mainlysilver AnsleyFMCO n 231994-08-06US/- 1 offspring
CH Kiskata Moxie of MainelineFMCO n 231985-12-17US/US 5 offspring
SGC Maineline DexterMMCO n 221988-04-08US/US 2 offspring
 Maineline K.C. of DonnahughFMCO n 221988-04-08US/US 3 offspring
 Maineline Macadamia of CoonloreMMCO n 211988-04-08US/- 1 offspring
SGC Kiskata Quoddy of MtKittery, DMFMCO n 231985-03-18US/US13 offspring
SGC GC MtKittery Carbonero of EmluMMCO n1987-05-24US/US46 offspring
SGC MtKittery Katahdin of DonnahughMMCO n 231987-05-24US/US30 offspring
 MtKittery L.L. Bean of ShaggytownMMCO n 231987-05-24US/- 7 offspring
CH GP MtKittery Surry of MacspurrFMCO n 231987-05-24US/-No offspring
CH MtKittery Black Bart of XercatsMMCO n1988-03-13US/- 9 offspring
QGC MtKittery Electra of NamsilatFMCO n1988-03-13US/- 2 offspring
GC MtKittery Harmony of NantissFMCO n 231988-03-13US/- No offspring
SGC MtKittery Henry of Advent HillMMCO n 231988-03-13US/US40 offspring
QGC MtKittery Warren Peace of Coons'kin CatsMMCO n 231988-03-13US/US26 offspring
EC MtKittery JackmanMMCO n 231989-07-07US/DK27 offspring
EC WW94 MtKittery CascoMMCO n 231991-04-22US/DK28 offspring
GC MtKittery Hope of CitypawsFMCO n 231991-04-22US/- 1 offspring
 Willowplace Morgana of MainlysilverFMCOUS/- 1 offspring
 Mainlysilver AquaMMCO a 211995-10-25US/- No offspring
CH Hairbearei Beary Best of CremocropFMCO n 09 221986-07-19US/US 13 offspring
CH Nantiss Sebastian Blue of BeauportMMCO a 09 221989-07-25  1 offspring
 Mainlysilver EchoFMCO n 23US/- 2 offspring
 Mainlysilver Kosta-BodaFMCO a 231992-06-13US/- No offspring
IC Mainlysilver Bonnie DundeeMMCO a 231993-06-13US/DE 17 offspring
 Shadmar Ms Tasy Too of PawcatuckFMCO g 09 221985-02-18US/US 3 offspring
 Pawcatuck MagnoliaFMCO g 221988-07-10US/US1 offspring
QGC Katkees Tinuviel of TolkatFMCO g 09 221982-09-07US/US 5 offspring
 Tolkat GandolfMMCO a 211987-05-29  No offspring
CH Citypaws Fiona McKoolFMCO f 231989-05-04US/US 3 offspring
CH Citypaws Apollonia of FirthFMCO f 231990-08-22  1 offspring
CH Citypaws WinslowMMCO n 211990-08-22  No offspring
CH Kaizoku Kurimu-Ao of ChilbrookFMCO g1986-03-23  2 offspring
 Chilbrook Kumori of TaramaineFMCO g1987-08-10  7 offspring
CH Chilbrook Peach Sting of HoneycoonMMCO e 231987-08-10  16 offspring
 Ailurophile SacajawaFMCO f 221988-12-24US/US 1 offspring
 Ailurophile LinusMMCO d 221990-06-05US/- 1 offspring
 Mainlysilver OneidaFMCO ns 231992-08-17US/- 2 offspring
 Mainlysilver BrewsterMMCO ns 211994-01-31US/- No offspring
 Shanachi KatieFMCO f 211988-01-10  1 offspring
 Snowcoons MurrenF  1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.