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Offspring of Fan-T-Cee Blue Boy, M, CRX/SIA a, 1958-03-01, US/US4 offspring
 Fan-T-Cee Lilly BelleFCRX/SIA a 091958-03-01  3 offspring
CFA CH Fan-T-Cee ToniFCRX a  4 offspring
 Fan-T-Cee Rexanne of Daz-ZlingFCRX a1959-05-19  5 offspring
 Mystery Lady of RodellFXSH f 09 63US/US 3 offspring
 de Oro of RodellMXSH e 091960-08-13US/US 2 offspring
 Nina Blu of RodellFXSH a 09 221960-08-13US/US 8 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.