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Offspring of GIC Backkara's Oliver *, M, SBI e, 2000-06-05, SE/-23 offspring
 Lengoa's FranciscaFSBI b2000-08-01DK/- 1 offspring
 Lengoa's Knock OutMSBI c2003-07-10DK/- No offspring
 Con Meo's OlympiaFSBI n2001-05-15DK/- 6 offspring
 Lengoa's IllusionFSBI g2003-05-05DK/- No offspring
 Upsadaisy's DemeterFSBI d2001-11-13SE/- 5 offspring
 Lengoa's Queen of HeartsFSBI d2005-04-11DK/- 1 offspring
 Lengoa's QuincyMSBI d2005-04-11DK/- No offspring
CH Qwen v. ScholahrpurFSBI a2002-02-07  6 offspring
 Rainbow von AchorFSBI gCH/- 1 offspring
GIC Romancé v. AchorFSBI j2004-04-10CH/- 2 offspring
 Rome-Orlando v. AchorMSBI a2004-04-10CH/- No offspring
 Lengoa's Nobody is PerfectFSBI n2004-09-12DK/- 2 offspring
 Lengoa's SaturnMSBI a2005-06-02DK/- No offspring
 Lengoa's SorteperMSBI n2005-06-02DK/- No offspring
IC Graffiti v. AchorFSBI j1999-05-01CH/- 8 offspring
 Tortie Tiffany v. AchorFSBI g2004-04-04CH/- No offspring
IP & EC Tortie Taiga v. AchorFSBI g2004-04-24CH/RU 6 offspring
 Lengoa's Moulin RougeFSBI d2003-10-04DK/- 3 offspring
 Lengoa's Red BaronMSBI d2005-05-21DK/- No offspring
 Lengoa's Red RoseFSBI d2005-05-21DK/- 5 offspring
 Lengoa's Red RubyFSBI d2005-05-21DK/- 5 offspring
 Källtäppans Purfect PopPoemF2001-12-24SE/- 2 offspring
 Lengoa's JokerMSBI c2003-05-05DK/- No offspring
 Lengoa's JuventusMSBI e2003-05-05DK/- No offspring
 Gazali's Coco ChanelFSBI n2001-06-13DK/- 4 offspring
 Lengoa's LavinaFSBI g2003-08-18DK/- 2 offspring
 Lengoa's LudvigMSBI a2003-08-18DK/- No offspring
 Lengoa's LuluFSBI f2003-08-18DK/- No offspring
 Lengoa's LundeMSBI n2003-08-18DK/- No offspring
 Lengoa's EnigmaFSBI c2000-05-21DK/- 2 offspring
 Lengoa's HeartbreakerFSBI g2003-03-13DK/- No offspring
GIC Gadisha v. AchorFSBI b1999-08-08CH/- 4 offspring
IC Waikiki v. AchorMSBI a2004-05-16CH/- 7 offspring
IC White Magic v. AchorFSBI j2004-05-16CH/- 5 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.