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Offspring of CH Moon Kewa's Kleopatra, F, MCO ns 09, 1/2/04, SE/SE12 offspring
CH Sybo's CaponeMMCO n 228/8/03SE/SE 8 offspring
 Country Dream's Silver ArrowMMCO ns 09 224/24/06SE/- No offspring
 Country Dream's Silver ShadowMMCO ns 09 224/24/06SE/- No offspring
 Country Dream's Silver WingsFMCO ns 09 224/24/06SE/- No offspring
 Country Dream's Sterling SilverMMCO as 09 224/24/06SE/- No offspring
IC Moon Kewa's AragornMMCO ns 09 236/28/03SE/SE16 offspring
CH Country Dream's IcemanMMCO ns 09 235/25/05SE/SE26 offspring
 Country Dream's IsabellaFMCO ns 09 235/26/05SE/- No offspring
 Country Dream's IsadoraFMCO ns 09 235/26/05SE/- No offspring
CH Timaracoon's BrooklynMMCO n 232/19/06NL/SE14 offspring
 Country Dream's EugeneMMCO ns 227/14/07SE/SE 1 offspring
 Country Dream's GustafMMCO ns 237/14/07SE/- No offspring
 Country Dream's MadeleineFMCO ns 227/14/07SE/SE2 offspring
CH Country Dream's VictoriaFMCO ns 227/14/07SE/SE8 offspring
 Country Dream's WilhelmMMCO ns 237/14/07SE/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.