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Offspring of Thairano White Tiger, M, SIA w 67, GB/GB5 offspring
 Saloshei VioletFSIA n  1 offspring
 Thairano PantheroMSIA w  1 offspring
 Raffinee Chatonels HeatherFBAL c1987-04-25GB/GB 4 offspring
 Chatonel SnowTigerMSIA w 67 Var-01988-11-29GB/GB 1 offspring
 Chatonel WhiteblaizeFSIA w 67 Var-01988-11-29GB/GB 1 offspring
 Papegaai Desert OrchidFSIA w  3 offspring
 Yessiam White DiamondFSIA w 671988-03-06  No offspring
 Yessiam AzimerdyFSIA w 671988-03-09  No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.