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Offspring of Busybee Barbarella, F, SIA b, 1975-09-25, GB/GB11 offspring
CH Marshbrook SaschaMSIA n1969-01-17GB/GB 162 offspring
 Pengelly TobiasMSIA n  No offspring
 Pengelly JontyMSIA n1976-03-19-/GB 2 offspring
CH Pengelly SerenaFSIA n1976-03-19GB/GB 31 offspring
GC Amberseal ElectoMSIA n1975-09-13GB/GB 239 offspring
 Pengelly ElectraFSIA n  No offspring
 Pengelly MarlenaFSIA n  2 offspring
 Pengelly PeroMSIA n  No offspring
 Pengelly PsycheFSIA b  No offspring
 Pengelly AphroditeFSIA b1976-08-26  1 offspring
 Pengelly PandoraFSIA n1976-08-26GB/GB 8 offspring
CH Sandras PanchoMSIA n1972-06-01GB/GB 61 offspring
 Sianmuir Hot ChocolateMSIA b  No offspring
 Sianmuir Jon DonMSIA n  No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.