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Offspring of CH Gomorran's Jerica, DM, F, NFO n 09 23, 1994-03-10, SE/SE48 offspring
IC Gomorran's King KreoleMNFO n 09 231994-11-14SE/SE61 offspring
 Tigressan's ElinaFNFO ns 091996-03-11SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's ElizaFNFO n 091996-03-11SE/SE28 offspring
EC Tigressan's ElliotMNFO n 09 231996-03-11SE/NO18 offspring
 Tigressan's ElvisMNFO n 09 231996-03-11SE/SE 2 offspring
 Tigressan's EmilinaFNFO ns 091996-03-11SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's EmmiFNFO as 09 231996-03-11SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's I LoveFNFO n 09 231997-02-16SE/FR 5 offspring
 Tigressan's IronmanMNFO n 09 231997-02-16SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's IvanhoeMNFO n 09 221997-02-16SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's IzaakMNFO n 09 231997-02-16SE/- No offspring
EC Tigressan's NaidaFNFO n 09 231998-03-08SE/ES No offspring
 Tigressan's NestorMNFO n 091998-03-08SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's NevenaFNFO n 09 231998-03-08SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's NicanoMNFO a 091998-03-08SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's NicoleFNFO a 09 231998-03-08SE/- 10 offspring
 Tigressan's NoemiFNFO n 231998-03-08SE/SE 9 offspring
IC Tigressan's NoghiMNFO n 231998-03-08SE/IT 3 offspring
 Tigressan's PanitaFNFO n 231998-07-02SE/- No offspring
EC Tigressan's PanteraFNFO n1998-07-02SE/SE 11 offspring
 Tigressan's PearlisFNFO a 09 231998-07-02SE/NO11 offspring
GIC Tigressan's PeoMNFO a 09 231998-07-02SE/DE8 offspring
 Tigressan's PepitaFNFO n 09 231998-07-02SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's PerlaFNFO a 091998-07-02SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's PontusMNFO n 09 221998-07-02SE/SE 16 offspring
GIC Tigressan's PrimusMNFO n 091998-07-02SE/NL 2 offspring
IP & EC Tilia Nova's Domingo, DMMNFO ns 09 231994-03-10DK/DK 84 offspring
 Tigressan's XmalcomMNFO ns 09 241999-09-23SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's XmanillaFNFO ns 09 221999-09-23SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's XmanolitoMNFO n 09 241999-09-23SE/SE 19 offspring
 Tigressan's XmaribelFNFO ns 09 241999-09-23SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's XmarietFNFO n 09 241999-09-23SE/SE 32 offspring
 Tigressan's XmariolaFNFO ns 09 241999-09-23SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's XmondanaFNFO n 09 241999-09-23SE/- No offspring
IC On Tin Tio's LestatMNFO ds1996-03-26SE/SE63 offspring
CH Tigressan's LemiFNFO f 091997-07-01SE/SE29 offspring
 Tigressan's LevisMNFO as 221997-07-01SE/- No offspring
CH Tigressan's LimboMNFO n 09 221997-07-01SE/SE 5 offspring
 Tigressan's LimeFNFO gs 091997-07-01SE/SE 20 offspring
 Tigressan's LoleĆ©FNFO fs 09 231997-07-01SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's LotusMNFO n 091997-07-01SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's LovisMNFO n 09 221997-07-01SE/SE 8 offspring
EC Heaven Hills Big Bang, DMMNFO n 09 231993-10-10SE/SE100 offspring
 Tigressan's ChanelFNFO n 091995-08-25SE/SE No offspring
 Tigressan's ChantalFNFO n 231995-08-25SE/SE 9 offspring
 Gomorran's TotmesMNFO d 09 242000-07-25SE/SE20 offspring
 Tigressan's SamyMNFO a 242002-06-10SE/-12 offspring
CH Tigressan's ShaneMNFO n 09 232002-06-10IT/IT 3 offspring
 Tigressan's SonnyMNFO n 09 232002-06-10SE/NL 36 offspring
 Tigressan's SyrenaFNFO f 232002-06-10SE/AT 1 offspring
 Falk av BorgundMNFO d 09 231998-11-13NO/SE 69 offspring
 Tigressan's ChaplinMNFO n 092000-02-10SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's CherieFNFO f 092000-02-10SE/- No offspring
 Tigressan's CindieFNFO g 092000-02-10SE/- No offspring

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