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Offspring of CH Tiger Girl of Koi Pond, F, MCO n 22, 6/9/04, DE/DE8 offspring
WCH Willowplace Number OneMMCO n 226/23/98US/DE 26 offspring
 Darling of Koi PondFMCO n 22DE/DE 2 offspring
WC I Number One of Koi PondMMCO n 227/16/05DE/DE 19 offspring
 I Tiger Lilly of Koi PondFMCO n 227/16/05DE/IT 3 offspring
CH Ice Girl of Koi PondFMCO n 227/16/05DE/DE 8 offspring
GIC Incognito of Koi PondMMCO n 227/16/05DE/SE25 offspring
 Sugar Baby of Koi PondFMCO n 225/20/06DE/DE 1 offspring
 Fayola Quick ThunderMMCO ns7/31/06FI/DE11 offspring
 Passion of Koi PondFMCO ns 22DE/DE 1 offspring
 Peggy of Koi PondFMCO ns 2210/30/07DE/DE 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.