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Offspring of Prairiebaby River Promise, M, MCO e 02, 2003-05-30, CA/SE48 offspring
 Shanna Charisma EnyaFMCO ds 09 212002-09-27NL/NL14 offspring
 Shanna Red CheetaFMCO ds 02 212005-04-21NL/NL 17 offspring
 Shanna Red FeatherMMCO d 02 212005-04-21NL/- No offspring
 Shanna Red LarissaFMCO d 03 222005-04-21NL/- No offspring
 Shanna Red Star Lolita of Le Clos MerryFMCO d 02 212005-04-21NL/FR 9 offspring
 Shanna Red Tulip LolaFMCO ds 03 212005-04-21NL/NL 2 offspring
 Ruskprickens ElanorFMCO n 092001-11-08SE/SE5 offspring
 Ruskprickens Spitfire SpotMMCO n 032006-02-07SE/- No offspring
 Charming Coon Sunny Side UpFMCO f 092002-04-17NL/SE15 offspring
 Kins AngelikaFMCO f 012006-02-08SE/SE18 offspring
 Kins FransceskaFMCO f 032006-02-08SE/SENo offspring
 Kins FransiskaFMCO f 022006-02-08SE/SENo offspring
 Kins Franz FerdinandMMCO n 022006-02-08SE/SENo offspring
 Kins Franz FilipMMCO n 032006-02-08SE/SENo offspring
CH Shanna Dazzling DaisyFMCO gs2001-01-17NL/NL 18 offspring
 Shanna Blue Thors HamerMMCO as 032004-11-01NL/-No offspring
 Shanna Peach Tio PepeMMCO e 092004-11-01NL/-No offspring
 Shanna Tia MariaFMCO g 032004-11-01NL/-No offspring
 Shanna Calamity JaneFMCO ns 222004-02-14NL/NL5 offspring
 Shanna Cisco KidMMCO ns 222005-04-23NL/- No offspring
 Shanna Kid CurryMMCO n 092005-04-23NL/- No offspring
 Shanna Little HopeFMCO f 092005-04-23NL/- No offspring
 Shanna Pearl Heart ArwenFMCO f 092005-04-23NL/NLNo offspring
 Shanna Sundance KidMMCO n 09 222005-04-23NL/- No offspring
CH Ruskprickens TerrakottaFMCO f 09 222001-10-07SE/SE18 offspring
 Ruskprickens MakiMMCO n 02 222006-05-28SE/SE24 offspring
 Ruskprickens MisoFMCO f 03 222006-05-28SE/SENo offspring
 Ruskprickens SushiFMCO f 032006-05-28SE/SE5 offspring
 Ruskprickens WasabiMMCO d 03 222006-05-28SE/SENo offspring
 The Dorsai ElhalynFMCO ns 092003-06-30BE/BE 4 offspring
 The Dorsai Winter FairFMCO g 032005-01-08BE/NL No offspring
 The Dorsai Winter HawkMMCO ns 022005-01-08BE/NL No offspring
 The Dorsai Winter SolsticeFMCO g 022005-01-08BE/BENo offspring
 The Dorsai Winter WolfMMCO ns 032005-01-08BE/BE No offspring
 Mainewalk Demi of The DorsaiFMCO g 09 232003-01-10BE/BE 19 offspring
CH The Dorsai Strawberry AcadiaFMCO g 09 212004-09-25BE/FR 22 offspring
 The Dorsai Strawberry FieldsMMCO a 09 212004-09-25BE/NL No offspring
 The Dorsai Strawberry IceFMCO g 09 212004-09-25BE/CH 5 offspring
 The Dorsai Strawberry ObsessionFMCO g 09 212004-09-25BE/BE No offspring
 The Dorsai Strawberry SwitchbladeFMCO g 09 212004-09-25BE/BE5 offspring
 The Dorsai Strawberry TeaMMCO e 09 212004-09-25BE/BE No offspring
 Carpe Feline's Exigua EleophoraFMCO d 09 222004-12-09SE/SE10 offspring
 Carpe Feline's ChristineFMCO d 03 222006-05-20SE/SE4 offspring
 Carpe Feline's EleonoreFMCO e 03 222006-05-20SE/SE20 offspring
 Carpe Feline's General LeeMMCO d 03 222006-05-20SE/SENo offspring
 Carpe Feline's HerbieMMCO e 03 222006-05-20SE/SE10 offspring
 Asselies Candy FlossFMCO fs 222000-12-11SE/SE10 offspring
 Kins DerridaMMCO e 03 222007-01-24SE/NO1 offspring
 Kins FoucaultMMCO es 03 222007-01-24SE/-No offspring
 Kins RousseauMMCO as 03 222007-01-24SE/-No offspring
 Kins SimoneFMCO ds 03 222007-01-24SE/SE 5 offspring
 Kins VoltaireMMCO a 03 222007-01-24SE/-No offspring
 Ylletrollets Selma SelleriFMCO n 09 222000-02-26SE/SE 12 offspring
 Ylletrollets Herr SchackMMCO a 032007-09-22SE/SE4 offspring
 Ylletrollets Ida HöstglödFMCO f 02 212007-09-22SE/SENo offspring
 Ylletrollets Lille MuMMCO n 022007-09-22SE/SENo offspring
 Birkalunden's DilbaFMCO n2005-09-21SE/SE3 offspring
 Birkalunden's EliasMMCO n 032007-12-23SE/SE No offspring
 Birkalunden's Elin IngesdotterFMCO g 032007-12-23SE/SE No offspring
 Birkalunden's ErnstMMCO n 032007-12-23SE/SE2 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.