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Offspring of Belminis Rosemary, F, NFO ns 22, 2015-07-21, DE/CH17 offspring
 Thuraya's Bacuri CielitoMNFO nts 092015-02-04CH/CH15 offspring
 Thuraya's Comissario Ho-Chi-MinhMNFO ns 09 222016-08-15CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Conte HidalgoMNFO n 222016-08-15CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Conte HimalayaMNFO ns 222016-08-15CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Conte HokkaidoMNFO ns 222016-08-15CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Contessa HaNoiFNFO n 222016-08-15CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Contessa HulayfaFNFO n 03 222016-08-15CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Contessa HunyaniFNFO n 222016-08-15CH/CH3 offspring
IC Thuraya's Caracal IlluínMNFO nt 222016-10-18CH/CH16 offspring
 Thuraya's Daenerys KatzFNFO n 222017-10-31CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Daïthi KilmisterFNFO ns 222017-10-31CH/CH5 offspring
 Thuraya's Darcy KendrickMNFO ns 222017-10-31CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Denzel KorriganMNFO n 222017-10-31CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Diva KementariFNFO ns 222017-10-31CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Donohue KaïdenMNFO n 222017-10-31CH/- No offspring
 Over and Out TaurandirMNFO n 222017-09-30PL/CH21 offspring
 Thuraya's Gaia RashidaFNFO n 222020-09-30CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Galini RahímMNFO n 222020-09-30CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Gautaz RahmánMNFO ns 222020-09-30CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Gersemi RuhíyaFNFO ns 222020-09-30CH/- No offspring

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