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Offspring of Acrobat's Minou Mon Amie, F, MCO a 23, 5/5/02, SE/SE4 offspring
GIP & CH Dreamway's Bronx BoxerMMCO a 2211/10/02SE/SE7 offspring
EC Adventures cat BarbossaMMCO a 2212/18/03SE/SE8 offspring
 Adventures cat BiancaFMCO a 2312/18/03SE/SENo offspring
 Adventures cat Big BossMMCO a 2212/18/03SE/SE 2 offspring
 Pocahontas Lord MorrisMMCO n 235/26/03SE/SE 1 offspring
 Adventures cat NaxosMMCO n 237/8/04SE/SE 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.