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Offspring of CarilloCat Jeppe, M, SIB ns 24, 2015-01-15, NO/-6 offspring
 Nordskjaeret's Opal NapolianFSIB ns 09 242014-06-07NO/-4 offspring
 Lindviksmoen AlbinMSIB ns2016-02-08NO/NO No offspring
 Lindviksmoen Alex FergusonMSIB n 242016-02-08NO/NONo offspring
 Lindviksmoen ArielFSIB ns 092016-02-08NO/NO8 offspring
 Volga Onix GloriaFSIB n 242015-08-05RU/NO6 offspring
 Sibirpoten's DaisyFSIB ns 242016-08-30NO/NO No offspring
 Sibirpoten's DinahFSIB ns 242016-08-30NO/NO3 offspring
 Sibirpoten's DixieFSIB n2016-08-30SE/SE No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.