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Offspring of Greygables Peppermint Patty, F, MCO gs 09 23, 12/12/14, DE/DE13 offspring
 CascadeMtn Sam McLeod of GreygablesMMCO d 03 225/12/14US/DE33 offspring
 Greygables Tara TenderFMCO g 09 231/23/16DE/DENo offspring
 Greygables Terence TigerMMCO as 221/23/16DE/DENo offspring
 Greygables Tiffany TyrellFMCO g 09 221/23/16DE/DENo offspring
 Greygables Timothy TuckerMMCO n 09 231/23/16DE/DENo offspring
 Greygables Tom TudorMMCO n 221/23/16DE/DENo offspring
 Greygables Amon AmarthMMCO ns 09 228/27/16DE/DE5 offspring
 Greygables AragornMMCO n 228/13/17DE/FR4 offspring
 Greygables Stella ShanelFMCO as 238/13/17DE/FRNo offspring
 Nathan d'Arabella CoonsMMCO ns 22 10/7/17FR/DE7 offspring
 Greygables Amanda WinterFMCO ns 231/1/19DE/DENo offspring
 Greygables Amber SpringFMCO as 231/1/19DE/DENo offspring
 Greygables Andrew AutumnMMCO a 221/1/19DE/DENo offspring
 Greygables Audrey SummerFMCO n 231/1/19DE/DENo offspring
 Greygables Ruven RagnarssonMMCO n 221/1/19DE/DENo offspring
 Greygables SkrollanFMCO a 236/21/19DE/FI4 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.