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Offspring of Jurtomia U stole my heart, M, MCO d 09 22, 2/27/12, PL/PL11 offspring
 Nala FaricoonFMCO n 224/14/12PL/PL5 offspring
 Pascal FaricoonMMCO n 09 229/2/14PL/DE8 offspring
 Pepper FaricoonMMCO n 229/2/14PL/-No offspring
 Petula FaricoonFMCO f 229/2/14PL/PLNo offspring
 Tammie FaricoonFMCO7/18/15PL/-No offspring
 Dunya FaricoonFMCO n 032/22/13PL/PL6 offspring
 Scarlet FaricoonFMCO f 223/15/15PL/PL1 offspring
 Scully FaricoonFMCO f 223/15/15PL/PL1 offspring
 Sirius FaricoonMMCO n 09 223/15/15PL/HUNo offspring
 Mamu FaricoonMMCO n 02 2211/12/15PL/HU6 offspring
 Matilda II FaricoonFMCO f 2211/12/15PL/HU13 offspring
 Atovoy AnastazjaFMCO n 22PL/PL 1 offspring
 Jurtomia IL MondoMMCO n 09 224/17/13PL/HU 2 offspring
 SanCoonciscos LavivaFMCO g 0312/4/12DE/PL 2 offspring
 Jurtomia Oro de NapoliFMCO g 09PL/PL 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.