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Offspring of Thuraya's AurĂ©lie Bhakti, F, NFO n 23, 2014-03-19, CH/CH7 offspring
SC Socrates Harmony VerteMNFO d 03 232009-03-28CH/CH 32 offspring
 Thuraya's Basma Di EleaFNFO f 09 232015-04-29CH/CH No offspring
 Thuraya's Bacuri CielitoMNFO nts 092015-02-04CH/CH15 offspring
 Thuraya's Celestial GismondoMNFO nt 232016-03-29CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Charming GiuliaFNFO nt 03 222016-03-29CH/CZ 8 offspring
 Thuraya's Cheerful GalileoMNFO n 232016-03-29CH/- No offspring
 Thuraya's Clever GabrieleMNFO nt 222016-03-29CH/- No offspring
SGC Thuraya's Corleone GattoMNFO nt 03 232016-03-29CH/KR 5 offspring
 Thuraya's Cute GiacomoMNFO nt 222016-03-29CH/- 5 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.