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Offspring of Rover's Jackie O, F, black, 2014-05-25, CA/-18 offspring
CH CAN Bleuzorange Xem dit DariusMbrown2010-07-31CA/CA 48 offspring
 Blue Spruce CaptainMblack2016-11-07  No offspring
 Blue Spruce Holiday HollyFblack2016-11-07  1 offspring
 Blue Spruce Miss MiracleFbrown/white2016-11-07  No offspring
 Blue Spruce PiperFblack2016-11-07  No offspring
 Blue Spruce Rover's Ruby TuesdayFblack2016-11-07  32 offspring
 Blue Spruce Theo MelchoreMbrown2016-11-07  No offspring
 Blue Spruce WrigleyFbrown2016-11-07  No offspring
 Rover's Miss Penny LaneFbrown/white2016-11-07  No offspring
CKC CH Barbochos 3Rivieres Rick'sMblack2013-07-30CA/- 49 offspring
 Bluespruce's Ash Island Anchors AwayMblack2021-02-04US/- No offspring
 Bluespruce's Cherry Island CheersFblack2021-02-04US/- No offspring
 Bluespruce's Chimney Island BreezeMblack2021-02-04US/- No offspring
 Bluespruce's Hanky PankyMblack2021-02-04US/- No offspring
 Bluespruce's Ina Island Dance CardFblack2021-02-04US/- No offspring
 Bluespruce's Marsh Island MischiefMbrown2021-02-04US/- No offspring
 Bluespruce's Murray Island MayhemMblack2021-02-04US/- No offspring
 Bluespruce's Summerland Island SunsetsFblack2021-02-04US/- No offspring
 Bluespruce's Wellsley Island WhispersFblack2021-02-04US/- No offspring
 Bluespruce's Whiskey Island WeekendsFbrown2021-02-04US/- No offspring

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