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Offspring of EP EC Nakimo's Figaro, M, NFO n 24, 1999-04-09, NO/NO8 offspring
GIC Rockringen's QueenFNFO f 092000-12-27SE/-4 offspring
 Benzn NemiFNFO2003-04-04 No offspring
 Quinsy's LindyFNFO a 09 241999-04-14NO/NO5 offspring
 Nakimo's ChiquitaFNFO n 09 222000-03-07NO/- No offspring
PR Nakimo's KashmirFNFO n 242000-03-07NO/- No offspring
CH Nakimo's MercedesFNFO n 242000-03-07NO/- No offspring
EC Nakimo's Yasmine, DMFNFO n 09 222000-03-07NO/SE 19 offspring
EC Nakimo's ZimbaMNFO n 09 242000-03-07NO/NO No offspring
GIP EC Nakimo's CheerieFNFO n 091997-06-01NO/-1 offspring
EC Nakimo's CheerinaFNFO n 09 222002-08-04NO/NONo offspring
 Hansastaden's HeddaFNFO f 222000-04-19NO/NO 1 offspring
GIC Hansastaden's NaninaFNFO n 222002-02-20NO/NO 6 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.