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Offspring of FIFe SC KittyLady's Vickie Lynn, F, CRX f, 2012-08-20, FI/FI11 offspring
FIFe SC Spiritcat Prince CharmingMCRX w 642012-11-01US/FI26 offspring
 KittyLady's Cuba LibreMCRX n2014-01-30FI/FI No offspring
 KittyLady's Nutty PumpkinMCRX n2014-01-30FI/FI2 offspring
 KittyLady's Pina ColadaMCRX w 622014-01-30FI/FI No offspring
FIFe CH KittyLady's Rock'n'Roll BitchMCRX d 242014-01-30FI/FI5 offspring
FIFe SP KittyLady's Sex On The BeachMCRX d 222014-01-30FI/FI No offspring
FIFe SC & IP KittyLady's Tom CollinsMCRX w 622014-01-30FI/FI11 offspring
FIFe SC & IP Selena Light's Russian LoverMCRX n2013-04-20RU/FI25 offspring
 KittyLady's Black WidowFCRX f2015-03-18FI/FI5 offspring
 KittyLady's Iron ManMCRX d2015-03-18FI/FI No offspring
 KittyLady's MystiqueFCRX f2015-03-18FI/FI No offspring
 KittyLady's StormFCRX f2015-03-18FI/FI No offspring
 KittyLady's WolverineMCRX d2015-03-18FI/FI No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.