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Offspring of CH Stiv Kuling's Gunvald G├ąttabanen, M, NFO d, 7/6/12, NO/SE17 offspring
CH Zimexis Elektra RoseFNFO f 03 2211/4/11SE/SE14 offspring
 Viento's Golden By NatureMNFO d 09 236/25/14SE/USNo offspring
 Viento's Lazy By NatureMNFO d 09 236/25/14SE/DENo offspring
 Viento's Naughty By NatureMNFO n 09 236/25/14SE/SE5 offspring
CH Garance de RamatuelleFNFO w 648/11/11BE/SE9 offspring
 Restless Miss Kitty FantasticoFNFO w 645/23/14SE/SENo offspring
 Restless MittensFNFO f 095/23/14SE/-No offspring
PR Restless Mrs NorrisFNFO f 095/23/14SE/SENo offspring
 Restless Ser Pounce, JWMNFO n 095/23/14SE/IT2 offspring
IC Restless SnowbellFNFO w 645/23/14SE/NO3 offspring
 Toonscat's KandisFNFO ns 03 232/4/13DK/SE13 offspring
 Pax' FabulaFNFO fs 247/24/14SE/SE11 offspring
 Pax' FeliceFNFO gs 247/24/14SE/DE 5 offspring
 Pax' FeroxMNFO n 237/24/14SE/IT No offspring
SC Pax' Fersen Silver FalcoMNFO ns 247/24/14SE/FR25 offspring
 Pax' FidelinaFNFO g 03 247/24/14SE/SE 5 offspring
 Pax' FlammaFNFO fs 03 237/24/14SE/SE3 offspring
CH Zimexis Neytiri of PandoraFNFO fs 235/11/10SE/SE6 offspring
 Zimexis Finley JayneFNFO g 2210/16/14SE/- No offspring
IC Zimexis Jax TellerMNFO a10/16/14SE/SE25 offspring
IC Zimexis Ripper van ZanMNFO d10/16/14SE/IT 12 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.