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Offspring of US CH Taban Bohemia Genao, CM, M, red sand brindle, 2011-05-14, CZ/US16 offspring
 FelloujaFbrindle black maskMA/US 10 offspring
 Ocerico DahiMred sand black mask2013-12-24US/US No offspring
 Ocerico DhaakirMsand black mask2013-12-24US/US No offspring
 Ocerico DimaFsand brindle2013-12-24US/US No offspring
 Ocerico Djada de MoreauFred sand brindle2013-12-24US/US No offspring
 Ocerico DjohariFred sand brindle2013-12-24US/GB No offspring
US CH Ocerico Djordana de MoreauFred sand brindle2013-12-24US/US No offspring
 Ocerico DreiaFsand brindle2013-12-24US/US No offspring
US CH Plumed Serpent's AssyraFsand black mask2006-04-29US/US 4 offspring
 Plumed Serpent's DamaliFsand black mask2013-07-24  No offspring
 Plumed Serpent's DamascusMsand black mask2013-07-24  No offspring
 Plumed Serpent's DasheterMred sand black mask2013-07-24  7 offspring
 Plumed Serpent's DimaFred brindle2013-07-24  No offspring
 Amiass Shubah al WardaFred sand mask2013-03-25AT/US15 offspring
 Ocerico FaijanMRed Sand2020-04-19US/US No offspring
 Ocerico FarjanaFSand Bk Mantle2020-04-19US/US No offspring
 Ocerico FayajMSand Brindle Bk Mask2020-04-19US/US No offspring
 Ocerico FeijaFRed Sand Bk Mantle2020-04-19US/US No offspring
 Ocerico FezzanMRd Brindle Bk Mantle2020-04-19US/US No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.