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Offspring of Neigenuveaux's Holy Rover CGN, F, black/white, 2012-12-12, CA/-8 offspring
CH CAN Bleuzorange Xed dit WinstonMbrown2010-07-31CA/- 29 offspring
 Rover's Kall me FionaFblack2015-05-15CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay Z BarronMblack2015-05-15CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay Z EchoFblack2015-05-15CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay Z FergieFblack2015-05-15CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay Z HarryMblack2015-05-15CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay Z LandoMbrown2015-05-15CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay Z LottieFbrown2015-05-15CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay Z RykerMblack2015-05-15CA/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.