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Offspring of CH Migoto's Siri Sofia, F, NFO f 03 24, 10/31/12, NO/SE19 offspring
GIC Just Catnap's ChadMNFO d 09 229/20/06SE/SE 56 offspring
SC Just Catnap's Ailsa Craig, JW, DVMFNFO d 09 224/2/14SE/FI10 offspring
 Just Catnap's MazanoMNFO d 09 244/2/14SE/IT 1 offspring
 Just Catnap's MiskaFNFO d 02 21 644/2/14SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's OzirisFNFO f 09 224/2/14SE/- No offspring
GIC Just Catnap's TaminaFNFO g 09 244/2/14SE/SE3 offspring
 Just Catnap's TerenzoMNFO d 02 21 644/2/14SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's Isa SoldisFNFO e 095/12/15SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's Lilly SolgullFNFO d 03 225/12/15SE/-1 offspring
 Just Catnap's Meja SunriseFNFO f 09 225/12/15SE/- No offspring
CH Just Catnap's Sole MioMNFO n 09 225/12/15SE/SE 2 offspring
CH Just Catnap's Tara SolrosFNFO d 09 245/12/15SE/- No offspring
CH Just Catnap's Vilda SunsetFNFO f 095/12/15SE/PT 7 offspring
CH Just Catnap's Dianthus, JWMNFO n 03 2211/17/11SE/SE20 offspring
 Just Catnap's Don RossoMNFO d 09 243/9/16SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's Esta BonitaFNFO n 093/9/16SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's FranzMNFO n 02 21 643/9/16SE/- No offspring
 Just Catnap's Sky High ScarletFNFO f 09 223/9/16SE/DE 2 offspring
 Just Catnap's Texas FlameMNFO d 01 21 643/9/16SE/- No offspring
GIC Just Catnap's Nicolas, JWMNFO d 2211/27/15SE/SE2 offspring
 Just Catnap's HeidaFNFO d 09 224/18/17SE/SE2 offspring
 Just Catnap's RubyFNFO d 094/18/17SE/DE 3 offspring

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