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Offspring of CH Bayport's Hailey, F, brown, 2012-01-16, CA/CA18 offspring
 Neigenuveaux's ET dit Elliot CGNMblack2009-07-17CA/- 26 offspring
 Rover's Kay C AndyMblack2015-03-07CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay C BusterMblack2015-03-07CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay C KersplashMblack2015-03-07CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay C MargeritaFblack2015-03-07CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay C MelMblack2015-03-07CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay C RiderMblack2015-03-07CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay C TwinkleFblack2015-03-07CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay C VictorMblack2015-03-07CA/- No offspring
 Rover's Kay C VioletFblack2015-03-07CA/- No offspring
GrChEx Flacon D'Paris Of Neigenuveaux CGNMblack2010-05-01CA/- 83 offspring
 Rovers AlouetteFbrown2017-04-07CA/- No offspring
 Rovers AshluFblack2017-04-07CA/- No offspring
 Rovers BowenMbrown2017-04-07CA/- No offspring
 Rovers CallaghanFbrown2017-04-07CA/- No offspring
 Rovers HurleyMbrown2017-04-07CA/- No offspring
 Rovers JoffreMblack2017-04-07CA/- No offspring
 Rovers LilloetFbrown2017-04-07CA/- No offspring
 Rovers MorrisonMbrown2017-04-07CA/- No offspring
 Rovers PikaFbrown2017-04-07CA/- No offspring

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