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Offspring of Neigenuveaux's Helga to Wulymut CGN, F, black/white, 2012-04-02, CA/CA19 offspring
GChEx Treebeard's Galileo CGNMblack2011-02-02CA/- 24 offspring
 Wulymut's Jack HornerMblack2014-05-05CA/US No offspring
 Wulymut's Jacob CrackerMblack2014-05-05CA/CA No offspring
 Wulymut's Jammy DodgerMblack2014-05-05CA/CA No offspring
 Wulymut's Java JunkeeMblack2014-05-05CA/US No offspring
CH Wulymut's Jelly TotFblack2014-05-05CA/CA 9 offspring
 Wulymut's Juicy FruitFblack2014-05-05CA/CA No offspring
 Wulymut's Jumbee TruffleFblack2014-05-05CA/CA 8 offspring
 Wulymut's Jumbles BiscuitFblack2014-05-05CA/CA No offspring
 Wulymut's Oh HenryMblack/white2018-04-30CA/- No offspring
 Wulymut's Ol' BushmillsMblack/white2018-04-30CA/- No offspring
 Wulymut's OMGMblack2018-04-30CA/- No offspring
 Wulymut's OperaFblack2018-04-30CA/- No offspring
 Wulymut's Orange BlossomFblack/white2018-04-30CA/- No offspring
 Wulymut's Oreo Cookies n CremeFblack/white2018-04-30CA/- No offspring
 Wulymut's OxoMblack2018-04-30CA/- No offspring
 Nappyroots Buju BantonMfawn2011-09-01CA/CA 5 offspring
 Wulymut's LatkeMblack/white2015-12-07CA/- No offspring
 Wulymut's LicoriceMblack2015-12-07CA/- No offspring
 Wulymut's LimoncelloFblack/white2015-12-07CA/- 6 offspring
 Wulymut's LollipopFblack/white2015-12-07CA/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.