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Offspring of GCh Rover's Harlow, F, black, 2012-04-02, CA/CA16 offspring
Ch Treebeard's GandalfMblack2011-02-02CA/CA 28 offspring
 Rover's Kall me RigbyFblack2015-03-14CA/CA No offspring
 Spiritrock's KaratFblack2015-03-14CA/CA No offspring
 Spiritrock's Karie BlueMblack2015-03-14CA/CA No offspring
 Spiritrock's Katy on a MissionFblack2015-03-14CA/CA No offspring
 Spiritrock's Kir RoyaleMblack2015-03-14CA/CA No offspring
 Spiritrock's Kiss from a RoseFblack2015-03-14CA/CA No offspring
 Spiritrock's KiwiFblack2015-03-14CA/CA No offspring
 Spiritrock's KobeMblack2015-03-14CA/CA No offspring
 Spiritrock's KohlMblack2015-03-14CA/CA No offspring
 Spiritrock's KokomoFblack2015-03-14CA/CA No offspring
CKC CH Outdoors Durango CMMwhite/black2015-07-04NL/- 60 offspring
 Spiritrock's 2019.1Mblack/white2019-01-21CA/- No offspring
 Spiritrock's 2019.2Mblack/white2019-01-21CA/- No offspring
 Spiritrock's 2019.3Fblack/white2019-01-21CA/- No offspring
 Spiritrock's 2019.4Fblack/white2019-01-21CA/- No offspring
 Spiritrock's 2019.5Fblack/white2019-01-21CA/- No offspring
 Spiritrock's 2019.6Fblack/white2019-01-21CA/- No offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.