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Offspring of IC Tilion vom Schiltwald, M, NFO e, 2010-08-10, CH/CH5 offspring
GIC White Goddess's WaldivaFNFO ns 09 222012-10-05CH/CH14 offspring
 White Goddess's AnouschkaFNFO ns 09 232014-05-21CH/CH No offspring
 White Goddess's AntaraFNFO f 092014-05-21CH/CH No offspring
 White Goddess's ArchibaldMNFO ns 092014-05-21CH/CH No offspring
 White Goddess's AuroraFNFO fs 092014-05-21CH/CH No offspring
SC Paloma Blanca vom Schiltwald, DSMFNFO w2007-01-06CH/CH3 offspring
IC Atlantis vom SchiltwaldFNFO w 642014-10-25CH/CH 1 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.