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Offspring of Behold The Purpose PP of Wackymoon, M, MCO as 23 94, 2011-03-26, US/DK12 offspring
 Behold The Prayer Time of WackymoonFMCO fs 212011-05-05US/DK4 offspring
 Wackymoon Balthazar PPMMCO d 222012-03-28DK/NL9 offspring
 Wackymoon DesdemonaFMCO ns 222012-03-28DK/FR1 offspring
 Wackymoon HamletMMCO ns 222012-03-28DK/IE4 offspring
 Wackymoon Rosaline PPFMCO ns 23 942012-03-28DK/CZ3 offspring
 New Hymns of Wackymoon [MI, US]FMCO f 092011-06-04US/DK5 offspring
 Wackymoon HeidiFMCO aDK/FR1 offspring
 Wackymoon Cookie Dough PPFMCO2012-03-22DK/-No offspring
 Wackymoon CupcakeFMCO gs 09 232012-03-22DK/DK8 offspring
 Wackymoon Oreo PPFMCO n 09 222012-03-22DK/FR2 offspring
 Lykken's Anne Knutsdotter PPFMCO a2010-08-05DK/DK3 offspring
 Wackymoon Little Girl Blue of LykkenFMCO2012-05-27DK/DK2 offspring
 Wackymoon FantomahFMCO n2011-12-22DK/DK6 offspring
 Wackymoon Hey Jude PP of YaviracoonMMCO nDK/-1 offspring
 Wackymoon Honey PieFMCO as2013-07-12DK/DK5 offspring
 Wackymoon Butterfly Fly AwayFMCO n 09 222010-03-18DK/DK4 offspring
 Wackymoon River Song PPFMCO n 09 22 942012-08-20DK/DK3 offspring

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.