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Analysis Information

The Ocicat breed is founded on only a few foundation cats. Later outcrosses have been made, mostly to Abys, but also to other breeds. However if you look at the pedigrees of the Ocicats of today, most of them are for a large part founded on the same very few foundation cats. Here we call the four foundations cats, which are most prevalent in today's Ocicat pedigrees, top 4 cats.

It is estimated that the genetic make-up of the average pedigree of today, when traced back to foundation, contains approximately 65-70% of the top 4 cats.

The top 4 of the Ocicat foundation cats are:

  • Dalai She - about 30-35%
  • Whitehead Elegant Sun - about 15%
  • Mai-Ed Tabitha Blair - about 13%
  • Dalai Quicksilver - about 7%

Please note that these figures are estimates of the average pedigree. These percentages will vary somewhat in different countries around the world. Most importantly, it is a "starting point", as a basis for comparing pedigrees.

Chevy Analysis

GC Dalai Golden Cavaliar of Ociville, or "Chevy", was a chocolate spotted Ocicat that left a tremendous legacy within the Ocicat. His great type, boning, and beautiful spotting and pattern meant that he easily achieved the honor of CFA's first Grand Champion Ocicat. It also meant that he was a very desirable stud at a time when there were few Ocicats. He is now represented many, many times in the Ocicat genepool. It is now difficult, if not impossible, to find a pedigree without Chevy. In a 10 generation pedigree, Chevy may be represented 50-60 times, taking the place of a "grandsire" in today's cat.

This analysis helps to evaluate the amount of Chevy present in a current breeding. As with the COI, it is prudent for today's breeder to minimize this percentage to maximize genetic diversity. High incidence of Chevy and his sire, Dalai Golden Phoenix, and other sons and daughters of Phoenix have been linked to higher kitten mortality, as is typical with a highly inbred population such as the Ocicat.