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Analysis Information

The Norwegian Forest Cat breed is founded on more than two hundred foundation cats. In many breeds however some foundation cats have been a lot more prominent in the pedigrees than others, so that very little is left of the genes from most foundation cats. This is however not the case, so far, in the Norwegian Forest Cat breed. Hopefully, by keeping an eye on this aspect, it will be kept that way, ensuring a wide genepool for the future health of the breed.

The foundation analysis is calculating how many percent of the genes in a cat come from each foundation cat. It also informs about how many percent of the pedigree that has not been traced back to foundation, and which cats it is that we lack background info for.

Polaris Analysis

October 5, 1984 the beautiful male GIP & EC Pans Polaris, DM was born in Norway. Polaris was active as a stud for many years, and he got many offsprings. His offsprings were often wonderful Norwegian Forest Cats, with excellent type and character. Because of that, many breeders wanted to use Polaris and his offsprings for breeding. The problem was that a few generations later it was very difficult to find any pedigree that did NOT include Polaris. In the Norwegian Forest Cat pedigrees of today Polaris usually occurs several times. And since all of it doesn't show in the first four generations, particularly new breeders are not aware of the potential problem.

The Polaris analysis calculates how many percent of the pedigree of a cat that can be traced back to Pans Polaris.