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Foundation Analysis for CH Glühwürmchen vom Paradiesquell, M, RAG n 04, 7/30/09

Analysis Info

WARNING! Reliability of analysis is only 86.8% (13.2% not traced back to foundation). Real result may be up to 13.2% higher.
Cats traced to foundation
Cats not traced to foundation
 Purple Heather's Sgt MajorRAG n 034.74%
 Delight of Purple HeatherRAG n 043.71%
 Purple Heather's CleopatraRAG n 04 2.49%
 Purple Heather's Sushie DollRAG n 039/15/801.56%
 MayaRAG n0.391%
 Unknown dam of Jabooti Bobby0.195%
 RhodaRAG n0.0488%
 JD's SparkleRAG *0.0366%
 JD's Dusky DawnRAG *0.0366%
 Unknown sire of Raggedy Ann Crazy of Bluemountain0.0244%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.