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Foundation Analysis for Perm-a-nent Curly Cordelia, F, LPL f 09 22, 2005-12-18, SE/SE

Analysis Info

WARNING! Reliability of analysis is only 0.0% (100.0% not traced back to foundation). Real result may be up to 100.0% higher.
Cats not traced to foundation
 Merinda FabiolaASL bs 119.38%
 Hoop Dance of Kloshe6.25%
 Honey Bun of Kloshe6.25%
 Magie of StarspangledXLH/LPL6.25%
 Unknown sire of Kloshe BB Papoose5.96%
 Momma CatDOM1994-01-014.30%
 Unknown sire of Bob's Black4.30%
 Hopscotch of KlosheDOM1995-04-013.12%
 Mirrormere CrystalBAL w 673.12%
 Gawan von SuedsternBAL n3.12%
 Bewitching Temptress MoonBAL j3.12%
 Bewitching BeowulfSIA/var BAL d 213.12%
CH Chiquitas Lewella O ParsnipsBAL c3.12%
CH Balik´s DiegoBAL n3.12%
CH Purrmatix DaydreamsBAL c3.12%
GC,RW & BW Balilyn´s He´s My BoyBAL a3.12%
 Merinda Billy ThekidASL as 113.12%
 Unknown sire of Kloshe BC Joan2.98%
 Neighbour's ManxHCS2.54%
 Foxioci Sabrina of Alspots1.56%
 Timberwild Oh What A Boy1.56%
 Dakota Clover of Lakota SpiritHCS n 091.56%
 Speedy of Kloshe1.49%
 Unknown sire of Kloshe BB Curly1.49%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.