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Foundation Analysis for Ch HattKatts BC Cari Cath of Crearwy, F, LPL f 09, 2001-02-01

Analysis Info

WARNING! Reliability of analysis is only 0.0% (100.0% not traced back to foundation). Real result may be up to 100.0% higher.
Cats not traced to foundation
 Hoop Dance of Kloshe12.5%
 Honey Bun of Kloshe12.5%
 Unknown sire of Kloshe BB Papoose9.38%
 Foxioci Sabrina of Alspots6.25%
 Timberwild Oh What A Boy6.25%
 Hopscotch of KlosheDOM1995-04-016.25%
 Unknown sire of Kloshe BC Joan4.69%
 Momma CatDOM1994-01-014.69%
 Unknown sire of Bob's Black4.69%
 Neighbour's ManxHCS4.69%
 Speedy of Kloshe2.34%
 Unknown sire of Kloshe BB Curly2.34%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.