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Foundation Analysis for Gemlou Seymore Dots, M, OCI b 24, 1991-01-21, US/-

Analysis Info

Top four
 Top 4 = 0.0%
WARNING! Reliability of analysis is only 96.9% (3.12% not traced back to foundation). Real result may be up to 3.12% higher.
Cats traced to foundation
 Dalai SheTawny ticked Hybrd34.0%
CH Whitehead Elegante SunSIA b15.1%
 Mai-Ed Tabitha BlairSIA n13.3%
 Aruby ChristaRed (aby)9.38%
 Dalai QuicksilverOCI ns 246.18%
 Dalai Sardi KerremiaABY n3.32%
 Avenue Koko Bean Of Lynn-LeeABY n1977-05-233.12%
 Tap-Toe M'Liss Of SerendipSIA a3.09%
 Serendip AloysiusASH *s 223.09%
 Codel Wild Thing Of Lynn-LeeSilver Mctab (ash)1.95%
 Sayonara Spring FeverSIA b1.66%
 Lynn-Lee MedeaOCI ns 241.27%
 Lone Eagle Of Lynn-LeeSilver Mctab (ash)0.586%
 Codel Polka Time Of Lynn-LeeBrown Mctab (ash)0.391%
 Aim-Su Silver Bell Of Lynn-LeeASH *s 220.293%
 Kevron Gobi GirlASH *s 220.195%
Cats not traced to foundation
 Moontreekats Christiony3.12%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.