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Foundation Analysis for Rio Vista Kismet, M, CRX a, 1965-02-06, US/GB

Analysis Info

WARNING! Reliability of analysis is only 84.4% (15.6% not traced back to foundation). Real result may be up to 15.6% higher.
Cats traced to foundation
 KallibunkerCRX d 091950-07-2128.1%
 SerenaXSH f 0918.8%
 Daz-Zling DickieSIA n12.5%
 Usaf's The SonnettSIA n9.38%
 White Girl of Daz-ZlingXSH w 616.25%
 Skeeter of Clover RidgeSIA n1953-10-136.25%
Cats not traced to foundation
 Unknown sire of Fan-T-Cee Lilly Belle7.81%
 Unknown sire of Fan-T-Cee Blue Boy7.81%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.