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Foundation Analysis for CH Bayport's Hailey, F, brown, 2012-01-16, CA/CA

Analysis Info

WARNING! Reliability of analysis is only 0.0% (100.0% not traced back to foundation). Real result may be up to 100.0% higher.
Dogs not traced to foundation
 Islam (ATI)origin unknown1973-07-0114.8%
 S'Gandar (ATI)origin unknown12.9%
 Phebee/Dolly (ATI)origin unknown1966-06-2111.9%
 R'Lucky (ATI)origin unknown1968-03-0111.9%
 Lynx (ATI)origin unknown1975-01-0510.3%
 Serynoire (ATI)origin unknown1981-08-159.03%
 Blacky (ATI)1986-12-106.25%
 L'Ratzeputz (ATI)black1995-06-256.25%
 NoĆ« (ATI)origin unknown1977-04-015.86%
 H'Alix (ATI)black1992-12-164.69%
 M'Dioune (ATI)origin unknown1.95%
 de l'Ame du Prince des Hortillons UdithPoodle1.56%
 Phelie (ATI)origin unknown1979-04-231.03%
 vom Gibichenstein AdaPoodle0.195%
 Jo-Ki Black Game of ChancePoodle0.195%
 von der Gibichsburg BurgaPoodle0.195%
 Wycliffe TimoteoPoodle0.195%
 Apiele NomineePoodle0.195%
 Dassin's Broadway JoePoodle0.195%
 Stylistic's Emerald of JuelPoodle0.195%
 Apiele Lustig of GervaisPoodle0.195%

The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.